Sunday, December 9, 2007

What's Cooking Cookbook for Kids

This fun cookbook for kids is well designed and really useful. Each of the 27 recipes takes up a page spread. On one side is the recipe, on the other a full-page color photo of the food. Better still, the book has a hidden spiral binding, so it lies flat on a kitchen counter. Focused mainly on French cuisine, the recipes range from easy to "master chef" and are divided into five sections: breakfast; lunch; breads, salads and soups; dinner; and desserts. Each includes an extra tip, such as how to flip a crepe or what bread works best for French toast.

Here are the recipes:

* Colette's Crepes
* Ooh La La French Toast
* Remy's Famous Omelets
* French Breakfast Muffins

* Gusteau's Grilled Cheese
* Croque Monsieur
* Quiche Lorraine
* Easy Faux Escargots (using gherkin pickles for snails, tortilla-wrap slices for shells)
* Crazy Cheese Straws
* Cheese Fondue

* A Classic Baguette
* Vichyssoise
* Chef's Salad
* Salad Nicoise
* Dijon Vinaigrette

* Gusteau's Ratatouille
* Linguini Alfredo with Peas
* C'est Magnifique Salmon (with lemon and dill sauce)
* Remy's Macaroni and Cheese
* Pizza Rats (the slices use black olives for eyes and noses)
* Oven-Baked French Fries

* Colette's Apron Cake
* Django's Dirt Cake (a brownie-like cake decorated with gummy bears and plastic rats)
* Cheery Cheesecakes
* Chocolate Bouchons (from California celebrity chef Thomas Keller)
* Chocolate Rats (chocolate-coated apricot bodies with licorice whiskers, peanut-half ears and rolled Starbursts for the tails)
* Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae (with the tower made from sugar wafers)

With gorgeous photos, cute artwork inspired by the movie "Ratatouille" and a nice mix of serious and silly recipes, this is a cookbook kids could really get into.

What's Cooking? A Cookbook for Kids (Ratatouille)

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