Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cooking Healthy with the Kids in Mind

Cooking healthy cookbooks for kids are becoming more popular items for one simple reason: Improving the health of our children. Most cookbooks for kids are full of sweets and sugar laden recipes and junk food items. It is rare that a cookbook for kids will offer healthy alternatives for recipes.

Over 200 healthy, delicious recipes that will satisfy kids--and kids at heart.

With an easy-to-use lay-flat binding, over 350 pages of wonderful recipes and healthy eating tips!

As every mother knows, cooking healthy for kids is the ultimate culinary challenge. But now JoAnna Lund--mother, grandmother, and creator of Healthy Exchanges(r)--offers a collection of recipes that will keep kids coming back for more. And these dishes will appeal to the whole family--including weight-conscious parents who are sick of tasteless "diet" food. With tips on nutrition and fitness for kids, Cooking Healthy with the Kids in Mind makes it easy to teach kids healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. And the new lay-flat binding makes the book easy-to-use.

Everyone will love:
Get-Out-of-Bed Breakfasts
Super-Duper Soups (and Sandwiches, Too)
(Yes, You've Got to Eat Your) Veggies and Salads
Fill-'Em-Up Main Dishes
Delicious Desserts for Good Girls and Boys
Scrumptious Snacktimes
and more!

Finding the right cookbooks for kids that offer healthy alternatives and provide instruction into healthy eating is rare. Cooking Healthy with the Kids in Mind cookbook has lots of great information in addition to plenty of healthy recipes. Check out this and other cookbooks for kids that have healthy eating habits in mind by following the book link.

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