Saturday, May 3, 2008

Collectible Cookbooks

One of the best things of cookbooks is to be able to look back in time and see what other recipes there have been. Many times you can see a pattern, or basic ingredients from a recipe 100 years old to those of today.

I found a really nice site that specializes in Antique Cookbooks and has a wide variety of cookbooks for sale. Whether you are looking for collectible betty crocker recipe books, or something a little more hard to find, I'm pretty sure that you can find the rare cookbooks that you want.

There are many reasons for buying old and rare cookbooks. Some people enjoy the nostalgia of collecting cookbooks from years gone by as a way to save their favorite memories. Many of us can remember our favorite recipes from our childhood. What better way to share them but with a cookbook for your children, or grandchildren.

With so many preservatives and other artificial ingredients in todays food, there is also a trend to return to more natural cooking. Using old cookbooks is a great way to learn new methods of cooking more naturally.