Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can Your Kids Learn From Antique Cookbooks?

One of the problems that face us as a society today is the amount of "junk" that is in food today. With so many preservatives and ingredients in food today, it is no wonder that our kids face so many health related problems.

With the push to natural food and organic cooking, it makes you think that the cookbooks of yesterday are might be the way to go. Why?

Well, antique cookbooks are chocked full of "natural" recipes that don't have tons of strange ingredients and other junk in them. What happened to the days of fresh produce or vegetables being in meals and more natural cooking methods too.

If you have ever been on a diet or just changed what you eat, you know the difference it can make in how you feel when you eat healthier. Trust me, just try changing your diet for one week and see if you can notice a difference.

Get rid of the fast food and frozen pizza. Dump the boxed macaroni and cheese too. If you are wanting to try something good, find a good antique cookbook and buy some fresh ingredients. Take a little time in the kitchen. If time is critical, try some crockpot recipes.

Cooking doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to take up lots of time either. But, when you realize how much better you can feel with natural and fresh ingredients in your meals, you won't look at the fast food junk again!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spices for Your Kids Recipes

One of the best things that I have discovered lately when I am cooking is the joy of using good spices when I am cooking with my kids. I have tried the spices that you buy at the store in the little bottle with the red tops (you know what I'm talking about). Sometimes there is nothing that can replace fresh herbs or spices in a recipe.

One of the best things that you can teach your kids is to cook with fresh ingredients when ever they can. With so many prepared foods having lots of sodium and other preservatives, it can be tough to really determine what exactly you are eating and cooking with.

Another problem with some of the spices is that over time they can go rancid or just plain loose their flavor or potency. Did you know that if you have spices in a bottle, like the kind you buy at the store, you should throw them away at least every 6 months for most of them? After about 6 months of having them in your pantry, most of them will lose their flavor and taste and are worthless to cook with.

Anyways, if you have any herb spice in your pantry that is older than 6 months, you really should consider getting rid of it. Cooking with fresh herbs and spices can really enhance the flavor of any meal and they are easy to get and use as well.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Make Your Own Cookbook

If you are like me, one of the hardest parts you can experience is trying to organize all of your recipes into something that slightly resembles "organized chaos". Whether you use a file folder, scrap paper or a cookbook software program, trying to organize your recipes can take time.

One of the best ideas lately on trying to organize your recipes is to make your own cookbook. This might sound like a crazy idea, or something that you aren't interested in, but take a moment and hear me out.

Whether you are looking for ways to make money online with selling your own cookbook, or just wanting to organize your recipes a little better, making your own cookbook is a great idea. Why?

Well, there is a high demand for quality recipes and cookbooks today on the internet. Most people, when you tell them to write a cookbook, stare at you in wonder and think about the cost and publishers and headaches, etc. I could go on there and you could probably also do the same. If you decide to make your own cookbook and sell it, there are some great resources on how to easily accomplish this. It really is easier than you think, and won't cost you any money!

Did you know that many people are making money online making and selling cookbooks? Not actual paper cookbooks, but if you can use a word processor, you can make your own e-cookbook and sell it! There is a huge demand for these items as society gets away from actual paper books. The great thing about e-cookbooks is that you can print off a single recipe from it without having to get out a big book of recipes to clutter your counter space while trying to cook. Also, they don't take up any room on your shelf!

Ok, so maybe you aren't interested in selling a cookbook. How about creating a family cookbook for your children? Passing along recipes to your children is a great way to keep family traditions alive. Not only that, but having those favorite recipes for your children to enjoy in the future are a great way to preserve memories.

Having a family cookbook is a great gift idea also for the holidays, especially if you have older children. While most younger children wouldn't appreciate a cookbook of recipes handed down to them, now is the perfect time to begin compiling them together.

I guess the best thing I can tell you is that I am glad that I have found out how to make cookbooks and found that it is pretty easy. I used to have a file folder box full of index cards, scraps of paper and other items with recipes written on them. It would take me quite a while, sometimes, to thumb through them looking for the recipe that I needed. Now, since my recipes are on my computer in my own cookbook, I can search them by word and quickly find the right recipe I was needing.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Collectible Cookbooks

One of the best things of cookbooks is to be able to look back in time and see what other recipes there have been. Many times you can see a pattern, or basic ingredients from a recipe 100 years old to those of today.

I found a really nice site that specializes in Antique Cookbooks and has a wide variety of cookbooks for sale. Whether you are looking for collectible betty crocker recipe books, or something a little more hard to find, I'm pretty sure that you can find the rare cookbooks that you want.

There are many reasons for buying old and rare cookbooks. Some people enjoy the nostalgia of collecting cookbooks from years gone by as a way to save their favorite memories. Many of us can remember our favorite recipes from our childhood. What better way to share them but with a cookbook for your children, or grandchildren.

With so many preservatives and other artificial ingredients in todays food, there is also a trend to return to more natural cooking. Using old cookbooks is a great way to learn new methods of cooking more naturally.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Betty Crocker Cookbook site

If you are like me, you like southern style cooking. I remember my grandmother would always be getting out the Betty Crocker Cookbook to make something for us.

I found a great site for Betty Crocker Cookbooks that I wanted to pass along quickly to you, and hope you find it as nice as I did. It is on Squidoo, so check out the Betty Crocker Cookbook page for some great cookbooks.