Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Usborne First Cookbook

The Usborne First Cookbook is a great cookbook for kids that has some really easy and simple children's recipes. This cookbook shows your children how easy it is to cook with step by step instructions that include beautiful illustrations.

There are 72 pages of simple childrens recipes in this book that include such food items as French Toast, Pizza and Ice Cream Sundaes.

Here is a great review of the site by James Cox:

Profusely and colorfully illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, deftly edited by Rebecca Gilpin, and designed by Sally Griffin, "The Usborne First Cookbook" by Angela Wilkes is a thoroughly 'kid friendly' compilation of recipes that are specifically intended to introduce children to the delight and accomplishment of simple but elegant dishes that are sure to please the palate and satisfy the appetite.

Beginning with two informative chapters of instructions 'Before You Start' and 'Things to Remember', also includes chapters teaching young chefs 'Handy Hints', 'Preparing Vegetables', 'Kitchen Equipment', and even a glossary of 'Cooking Words'. From Baked Tomatoes; French Toast; Pizza, and "Ice Cream Sundaes; to Bacon and Potato Casserole; Chocolate Brownies; Hamburgers; Easy Breaded Fish; and Marmalade Gingerbread, "The Usborne First Cookbook" is an ideal addition to family, school, and community library cookbook collections for children.

As you can see, The Usborne First Cookbook is full of useful information for beginners and "experienced" chef's of all ages. The easy childrens recipes will help your children learn to love to cook in the kitchen with you. They will also learn healthy eating habits in this cookbook for kids.

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