Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cookbooks for Children with Intestinal Disorders

While reading today, I found a great article talking about Cookbooks for people with sensitive stomachs, primarily people with gastrointestinal reflux, irritable bowl syndrome and lactose intolerance. Here is an excerpt of the article and links to follow it.

Too much soup and too little taste almost got the best of the McGlynn sisters of Belleville, until the trio decided to do something about it. They put together their very own cookbook for people with sensitive stomachs.

In this case, as in thousands of others, necessity was the mother of invention.

About six years ago, Mary Claire McGlynn was diagnosed with gastrointestinal reflux, irritable bowl syndrome and lactose intolerance."When she was first diagnosed, there weren't a lot of things that she could eat and most of the things that she could were really bland," said Kathleen McGlynn, Mary Claire's 17-year-old sister. "For the first year, we ate soup every day. It got to the point where we were so sick of soup that we'd rather skip meals than have soup again.

"Then we decided that we'd try to branch off. At first, we started working on making new types of soup. From there we were able to figure out by trial and error what she could and couldn't eat - that varies from person to person. We ended up coming up with a bunch of recipes that she could eat.

"The next time she saw the doctor she told him that we'd come up with a bunch of new recipes that actually tasted good and that she was getting better. From there it kind of morphed into our cookbook project. The doctor was actually the one who suggested it."

"If you took one recipe - for example a pizza recipe with everything on it - Mary Claire couldn't have the tomatoes, she couldn't have the cheese, she couldn't have the mushrooms, she couldn't have a lot of the meat, she couldn't have the oil or she couldn't have the spices. And those are things that are basic ingredients in a lot of recipes."

So far, Kathleen, Mary Claire and Madelyn McGlynn have come up with about 150 recipes that cater to people with sensitive stomachs. Fifty of those have been included in the girls' cookbook, "Yummies for Sensitive Tummies."

You can read more of the article from the St. Clair Journal or visit the site for more information about Yummies for Sensitive Tummies.

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