Monday, December 10, 2007

Cooking for Beginners Cookbook

Cookbooks for kids can sometimes be overwhelming with the terms and language used to describe certain cooking and food preparation methods. If your child is a beginner to the kitchen and to cooking with you, then this book can help you and your child to learn how to cook in simple terms. The Cooking for Beginner's Cookbook will do just that.

Most recipes books say things like, 'beat the sugar and eggs..', 'sift the flour and salt'. but if you've never cooked before, how do you know what to do? The recipes in this book are different. They will lead first-time cooks, step-by-step, through a selection of tasty dishes, explaining exactly what needs to be done. Readers will be amazed how easy and satisfying it is to cook when they taste their delicious results.

The simple language in this cookbook for kids will help your child learn the cooking language that is used in a lot of cookbooks. Easy to read and understand, this cookbook for beginners is 48 pages of great pictures and simple explanations.

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